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Auger Filler

TPI-912 Servo Auger Filler

Auger-fillers carry reliability of experience in manufacturing of Pouch Packaging Machines. Our machines are packaging hundreds of different products everyday serving many International Brands across many countries for almost two decades now.

The Auger-Filler machines are servo-driven, brush-less, direct-drive machines ideal for high filling accuracy. Mechanical or pneumatic, our engineers have ensured reliability with attention to detail and with use of reliable mechanical parts like servo motors, encoders and material-level sensors sourced from reputed International vendors. The Auger filler machines are suitable for grounded spices, flour, and all kinds of fine powders. 


1. Output - 70 pouches/min – subject to density

2. Reel width - 80 – 300 mm

3. Power consumption - 1.5 kW/hr

4. Compressed Air - 1.5 cu m/hr @ 4 bar

5. Weight - 750 kg

6. Sachet width - 15 - 100 mm

7. Sachet length - 50 -350 mm


All kinds pf fine powders like milk powder, albumen powder, coffee powder, spices, heena, pesticides, flours, additives, etc.

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