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Automatic Mithai Cutting Machine 

Ultrasonic Food Slicing Machine

HMPL introduces Ultrasonic cutter. It is the fully automatic solution that is extremely useful in the food industry. Can be used in the wide range of products like Cheese, sandwiches, bread, Cakes, Mithai etc.

In tradintional cutting, the product gets stuck to the knife while cutting but the ultrasonic cutter uses vibration cutting due to which the product does not stick to the blade and results in clean cutting.

Also provides automatic cleaning of blade after the specific time intervals.

The product can be cut into different shapes depending on the movement of cutter that is controlled by PLC.

Key features:

Quality cutting

Ease of use of touch screen panel Different types of cutting patterns (rectangular, squares, triangles and etc.)

Technical specifications:

Blade: 300 mm x 260 mm

Product depth: up to 140 mm

Voltage: 380 VAC, 50 Hz, 10 A

Power: 6 kW

Cutting speed: up to 1 cut per second Operator panel: functions include diagnostics, manual mode, password protection, settings (memory for 40 receipts)

Product loading: manual loading and offloading by operator.

Capacity: depending on product size and configuration.

Servo drives: Lenze

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