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Bigul Snacks Processing Line

No Need for buying Snacks Pellets from the market and avoid hassles of storing them, reducing moisture content, blocking your funds for a months of inventory or Buying expensive machines to make 3d pellets at 1/10th of the cost of Pellet processing Line and extra savings of INR 8/kg in processing cost.

HMPL introduces new 3D snacks using new technology of 3 D Extruders called "ELITE Extruder" after 2 years of R&D and new technology development.

ELITE extruder line uses an ELITE extruder to extrude 3D pellets which are than fried directly in the frier. To create a differentiating factor in the market for your consumers and get great new products (materials and shapes) in the market please book your ELITE extrusion Line immediately.


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