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Chocos Processing Line

Twin Screw extruder is used for Chocos Extruder, different shapes and raw materials can be used to produce cereals in Chocos Extruder like Cheese Balls, Corn Puffs, Cheese Puffs, Corn Rings, mad angle, and other shapes and sizes.

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Chocos snacks extruder uses extrusion cooking method to puff the snacks at high temperature and pressure through friction of twin screw and barrel cooking the grain to produce delicious chocos cereals.

Raw Material for Chocos extruder: Various combination of different grains can be used to produce chocos snacks Corn, Rice, Wheat, Oats, Millet (Barley, Jowar, Raggi etc), can be used as ingredients to make puff snacks. Cocoa powder, Vanilla and other flavorings can also be combined in either extrusion process or later in the flavoring section.

Chocos Extruder uses different face cutting and sheet cutting dies to produce different shapes and sizes like ball, tube, stick, fruit loops, heart,paw, ring, flower, bell, animal shapes etc.

Extruder Capacity for chocos:120-150 KG/Hr, 200-250 KG/Hr, 450-500 KG/Hr

All machines are made of Stainless Steel and are easy to operate with self cleaning function.

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