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Duplex Multi Head

GT-5S High Speed Duplex Continuous Motion VFFS System


1. Compact Design

2. Common Control Interface

3. Compatible with Cup/Auger/Weigher

4. Common Material Handling Unit

5. Option to run Same/Variable quantity on tracks

6. Option to run one or both tracks at the same time

7. Robust design and Construction

8. Full installation and maintenance support


1. Twin baggers mated to a single weigher, hence lower capital investment.

2. Space saving, Efficient construction - up to 60% less use of floor area.

3. Double output with only mariginal increase of initial and operational cost.

4. Shared parts for easier and cheaper maintenance.

5. Single operational interface for quick and error-free operations.


Main units of the line

Operator Interface

Easy to use touch screen operator interface with multi function controls and real time machine performance data.

Control System

Machine is controlled by Trio-Motion Controller (UK).

All function including sealing, bag pulling, pull roller & unwinding has individual servo motors & drives controlled by high end Motion CPU with intelleigent software.

Vacuum Assisted Bag Pulling & Real Sealing Time

Vacuum Assisted Pulling Belts can be offered with oil free vacuum pump to ensure slippage free & smooth film pulling. Sealing time remains constant at any given speed. You can increase or decrease the speed of machine without worrying sealing quality.

Efficiency Collar

Product with low mass or less bulk density and surface area may block the forming tube and chute. Our Light weight and integral chutes are specially designed to remove this unwanted possibility.


Servo motor driven unwinds film in synchronization with machine speed & bag length. Specially designed stainless steel air shaft can easily handle reels with diameter up to 18", This helps to reduce the changeover time of rells by 50% with the same output.

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