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Flatbread Production Line

Main Units of the Line

  • Flour sifter

Flour sifter is intended for sifting and aeration of a set quantity of flour with further loading to the dough dish of spiral kneading machine. There is an opportunity of quick control of necessary quantity of flour.

  • Flour Batcher

Flour batcher is intended for batching of the required quantity of flour according to the recipe

  • Dough Kneading Machine

Dough kneading machine is intended for intensive mixing of dough in bread and bakery goods production on enterprises of bakery and confectionery industry.

  • Water Batcher with Heating

Water batcher with heating is intended for dosed supply of heated water into kneading machine during kneading the dough.


Rolling and dividing machine is intended for thi dough ribbon forming with further rolling out, stretching and cutting it into pieces of necessary shape and size for transferring to the oven.

Driving gears of machine are completed with with italian motor-reducers. flexible regulation of mechanisms' speeds is carried out with the help of frequency converters of the leading german manufacturers.


Tunnel oven is intended for baking of dough pieces. The oven is covered with stainless steel, on the input and output of baking chamber enclosures are installed.Track system of oven conveyor.

Flexible system of the top and bottom zones heating control and baking time control.


Humidifier is intended for humidification of baked thin bread with water. system of preliminary cooling before humidification, filters of water cleaning for prevention of a prayers' clogging, even humidification of top and bottom of flatbread pressure control. For quantity calculation the flatbread counter is provided.


1. Capacity,kg/h : 100-300+/-20%

2. Number of employess, people/shift : 1 on dough preparing, 1 operator, 1 on flatbread grouping

3. Baking time, sec : 25-40

4. Shape of flatbread : Rectangular, Square, Oval, Round

5. Thickness of flatbread, mm : 0,2-1,5

6. Width of oven's hearth, mm :  650

7. Maximum width of dough ribbon, mm : 650

8. Length of baking chamber, mm : 4000

9. Area of oven's hearth, m2 : 2,6

10. Installed capacity, kW : 80-165

11. Power consumption, kW : 50-110+/-20%

12. Voltage, V : 3*380

Advantages of flatbread line

1.Perfect quality of equipment: only high quality materials and components of leading producers of Europe and the world are used in manufacturing of our equipment.

2. Fully automatic lines: only 2 operators are required.

3. High capacity: up to 300 kg/h

4. Perfect quality of product: tasty bread with excellent organoleptic properties.

5. Possibility of production of different types of flatbread: easy adjustment of various shapes( round, oval, square, rectangular ), sizes ans thickness.

6. Lines are easy-to-operate, easy to clean and maintain: don't require special skills and highly paid qualified specialists.

7. Waste-free technology: zero waste  of water and raw materials during production.

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