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With more than 30 years of Experience in Food Packaging Machinery and we have been providing Food Consultancy in the Area of Savory/Sweet Snacks, Cereals, Indian Snacks, and Sweets to our clients for more than 12 years to our customers in India and Abroad.

HMPL has a unique USP of strong technical knowledge in the field of snacks and sourcing the best machinery from all over the world to provide the best value proposition for our clients and long term feasibility of the project.

Services Provided by HMPL for Food and Snacks consultancy:

>> Product Idea generation based on client needs

>> Feasibility studies of the product

>> Product testing

>> Identification of technology and availability in the market

>> Technical supervision and advisory services during full implementation cycle of the project

>> Pre testing of the technology at vendors site

>> Pre- Engineering and Detailed Engineering report

>> Product know how and training of staff

>> Recipe formulation and product development

>> Sourcing the machinery for the project for the best vendors in the market

>> Installation and Trial Runs of the machine

>> Monitor and Provide Technical Support

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