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Fortified Nutrition Rice Plant Designed For Indian Market


To make the rice more healthy for people to consume, government of India has asked to increase the production of Fortified Rice. Indian Government plan to increase production of fortified rice from 15000K to 1.3 L Tonne Fortified Rice (FRK) is made using rice powder and adding extra nutrients to the mix and than forming the rice back again using Extruder line. By adding extra nutrients Rice becomes more nutrient for consumers who are missing essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, that are required by a healthy human body. Nutrient-enriched rice makes the rice nutrition more balanced. This can guarantee basic nutritional needs including micronutrients, and gradually control and eliminate the two major malnutritions, insufficient nutritional intake and nutritional imbalance.

HMPL specializes in Fortified Rice Automatic plants in Indian: Indian Government focus is to improve the basic health of its nationals by this policy of adding nutrients via Fortified Rice in the ratio of 1:100 in the real rice. Thanks to the support of Indian Government Now, the upsurge of fortified rice has started in India.

HMPL is one of the leading suppliers of Fortified Rice Automatic plants in India and abroad. HMPL is a leader in extruder technology in India with more than 200 customers in India using HMPL’s extruder technology to make various products.

HMPL understand the requirements of Indian customers and has a team of Service Engineers for installation and servicing of the plant including spares that are required in the successful running of the plant. There is no need to call Engineers from China for installation or servicing of any machine. HMPL has an in house team of Engineers who can take care of all your requirement.

Features of HMPL Fortified Rice Extruder Line Designed for Indian Market: Fortified Rice (FRK) production line uses advanced extrusion technology available in European Extruder lines. We can make Fortified rice using different vaties of Rice, grains, millets, and add multi vitamins, minerals, amino acids and any otherier kind of nutrients to make different colours and sizes of fortified rice to match the variety of rice that it has to be mixed into.

For More information on how to setup a plant in India for Fortified Rice
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