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Freeze dryer


The freeze drying machine is typically used to preserve food and making it convenient for transportation. In this process the food is quickly frozen up to -40`C so that all the water molecules get frozen and then pressure is increased up to its triple point by placing it in a vacuum so that the ice crystals that formed while freezing process get transformed directly to the gaseous state and are vacuumed from the system and the product gets completely dehydrated . 98% of water gets removed by this process, because of no water, the product can be preserved for long time.

There are number of advantages of freeze dried food:

  1. Shape, size and taste are maintained.
  2. Vitamins remain intact within the food.
  3. Easy transportation. Large amount of food can be transported at the same time and less cost.
  4. Can be rehydrated quickly in just 3-8 minutes just by adding hot water.
  5. Retain the nutritional quality.


Can be used as the meal replacement for schools, employees etc.


Vacuum freeze-drying technology is applied to process food material to make freeze dried food. The food freeze drying machine is used in all kinds of agricultural products.

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