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Multi Head Packing System

TPI 912 Multi-Head


Sealing type:
      Center Sealing
Paper Pulling:
      Vector Driven Draw Down Belts
Packaging Size:
      Min. 200 mm Web | Max 450 mm Web
Vertical Sealing:
Collar / Chute:
      Quick & Easy Changeover
Max. Reel Diameter:
      340 mm
Power Consumption:
      2.5 kW / h
Compressed Air:
      2.5 cu.m /h @ 7 bars
      250 kg approximately
Web Guide:
      Electronic with Cantilevered Trolley


1. Compact Design

2. Common Control Interface

3. Compatible with Cup/Auger/Weigher

4. Common Material Handling Unit

5. Option to run Same/Variable quantity on tracks

6. Option to run one or both tracks at the same time

7. Robust design and Construction

8. Full installation and maintenance support


The new addition to HMPL range of machines: Multi-Head combination Weighers, offering consistent weights, high accuracy, high speed, weighing and mixing of products. This packaging system is used for snack food, seeds, coffee, sugar, grated cheese, tea, bakery products, rice, nuts & dried fruits, small pasta pieces, pet food(pellets), etc. 

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