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Nachos/Lavash Chips Food Processing Line

“UkrTechnoFoods” Ltd. Manufactures a wide range of lines for the production of snacks such as nachos, multigrain chips etc.

We conduct individual projects with each customer, develop layout of the equipment in the customer’s premises, plan for supplying communications and define the optimal complete set of equipment. Also we provide our customers with different recipes and description of technologies. We carry out assembly, commissioning of equipment and traiing of the staff.


Advantages of Chips Production Line

1. Perfect quality of equipment: only high quality materials and components of leading producers of Europe and the world are used in manufacturing of our     equipment.

2. Possibility of production of different types of snacks: tortilla chips(nachos), multigrain chips etc.

3. Lines are easy-to-operate, easy to clean and maintain: don’t require special skills and highly-paid qualified specialists.

4. Waste-free technology: zero waste of water and raw material during production.

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