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Nuts Roasting Line

Main Components of NUTS ROASTING LINE

A. INFEED FEEDING HOPPER FOR NUTS ROASTER: The Infeed feeder of Nuts Roasting Line consists Of angular stainless steel tray and hopper, hence the nuts like cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc. moves forward in a constant and same manner , stationary Y shape hopper mounted on rigid MS frame. This bowl will have a capacity of 100 ltrs. The front manual shutter is provided.

B. BATCH TYPE SINGLE CHAMBER DOUBLE LOOP ELECTRIC HEATER RATED NUTS ROASTER:     The NUTS ROASTER consists of TRIPLE JACKET, first jacket made up of SS 304, then 2nd jacket fitted with heating system and made up of 10 mm MS sheet and the 3rd jacket again made up of SS 304 filled with glass insulation to avoid the heat loos. The Nuts Roaster, freely expanding in its frame-work, the heaters of roaster are able to maintain the heat from electricity of 30 KW without any other media and hence give the chamber temperature easily at 160 degree Celsius. The tapered roaster transport the nuts by gravity to the output gate made out of stainless steel (SS 304) the support frame work in mild steel. In this way the roasted nuts taken out from the roaster and transport to by bucket elevator to coater.

C. Z TYPE BUCKET ELEVATOR CONTINUOUS TYPE FOR NUTS ROASTING LINE: This unit of Nuts Roasting Line consists of a food grade plastic bucket with an uplift system which takes the nuts like cashews, peanuts, almonds, etc. to the feeding mouth of coating chamber. The Volume of each bucket is 1 liter and speed of the bucket elevator can be adjusted from 30 buckets to 60 buckets per minutes. The whole system is mounted on powder coated mild steel structure, with infeed vibro feeder with hopper of capacity 100ltrs.

D. COATING TUMBLER: This unit made up of SS 304 having screw inside , can run in both direction, one direction is used when we need to coat a flavor on nuts for roasting and other direction to take out the whole material included roasted nuts out once coating is done. Whole system is PLC operated and we can fix the on time and delay time.


F. DRY FLAVOR FEEDER OF NUTS ROASTING LINE: This flavor unit consists of hopper with auger screw feeder which decide the dose of flavor on nuts, the feed ratio can be controlled by variable frequency drive. The same is controlled by PLC hence start time, delay time and stop time can be well controlled and programmed.

G. THE SLURRY SPRAYING GUN WITH TWIN SLURRY TANK: Before coating the dry flavor on the various nuts such as almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, chest nuts, etc. we need to spray food oil so that flavor can stick easily on nuts, hence we use spray gun, controlled by PLC hence we can able to control the feed ratio, feed time etc. The above system include 200 liters triple jacketed tank, first jacket make up of SS 304 which is in contact with oil, 2nd jacket is also made up of SS which is to contain the water with heater of 3 kW to heat the water , so that it can maintain the inside oil temperature around 40 to 50 degree Celsius and the 3rd jacket is also made up of SS 304 filled with the glass insulation to avoid the heat loos fitted with one pump of ¼ hp and nozzle for even spray.

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