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Stick Weigher


1. Automatic frequency control of vibration for even and precise products distribution

2. Auto zeroing during operation ensures better accuracy

3. Self diagnostic alert in pop up window, easy trouble shooting

4. Stagger dump for applications with large unit size

5. Ejection of unqualified weight preventing film and products wasting

6. Live display of individual amplitude for precise monitoring and control of each vibrator

7. Live display of individual weight readings

8. Central load-cell in-feed

9. Weigh heads            14

10. Max Speed             90

11. Hopper capacity      1L

12. Control Panel         10" touch screen 

13. Driving system        step motor

14. Material                 SUS 304

15. Power supply         220/50Hz

The stick weigher is specially designed for stick shaped products with length up to 150mm . The special shaped bucket, V shaped vibrator pan, V shaped chutes and rotary top cone will ensure the stick will keep its upright position when falling into pouch.

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